1. No MCYFL board member or coach shall be a paid official for any MCYFL event.

  2. MCYFL discourages any intentional weight loss by a player.

  3. All named assistant coaches shall be designated no later than the 1st day of conditioning but prior to evaluations.

  4. All coaches must submit a background check prior to the draft.  If a coach is rejected due to background check that coach will be removed from coaching roster and may not be present on the team sidelines.  Any felony conviction, violent misdemeanors within 10 years will be reviewed by the board for eligibility approval.

  5. Any coach CHARGED with a felony, misdemeanor or violation after his/her background check is completed MUST immediately report this to MCYFL Board.  Failure to do so will result in expulsion from MCYFL.

  6. Any coach who has a felony or misdemeanor on his/her record that is not disclosed on his/her background check must report it to the MCYFL Board.  Failure to do so will result in expulsion from MCYFL.

  7. Any parents and volunteers - even those who simply help at practice - have to also submit and pass a criminal background check.  Parents who have not undergone a background check or who have a criminal history that violated our league policy for volunteers cannot help coach teams in practice and cannot work with the kids.  The responsibility for adhering to this policy rests with the head coach.

  8. Any named coach without a child in the league may coach one (1) niece, nephew or grandchild.  Honorary designations or more distant relations shall not be honored and the child must be placed in the draft.

  9. If a child is related to siblings in the league by guardianship the parent must present proof of court ordered legal guardianship or custody to the league for 

  10. Any designated coach must commit to attend more than half of the team's practices and also more than half of the team's games before his or her child will be placed on the team.

  11. Children returning to the same division of the league may elect to remain on the previous year's team or be laced back in the draw or draft as long as application is submitted prior to the determined cut-off date. Those applications that are submitted after the determined cut-off date will go in a hat for a random draw. (Exception being during an expansion year)

  12. Aside from coaches' children and returning players Flag Division rosters will be determined by blind draw.

  13. Aside from coaches' children and returning players Senior and Junior Division rosters will be determined by draft.

  14. No one will be allowed in the team draft except the head coach, a single named assistant and league personnel.

  15. Draft position will be determined by previous year's order of finish with the Super Bowl champion drafting last and the runner-up drafting second to last.

  16. The draft order shall be serpentine, i.e. 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 as round 1.  each round consists of each team getting 2 picks.

  17. In Junior and Senior division all teams will draft in the first round.  Beginning with the second round teams with excess returning players will not draft until their numbers are equal to the team with the fewest returning players.  Once all rosters are equal all teams will draft each round until completed.

  18. In Junior and Senior divisions, coaches must first draft players that were present during evaluations. Once those draft selections are complete, coaches will draw from a hat for the remaining players.

  19. No child shall be allowed to play up into a division for which they are too young and therefore ineligible based upon age unless the child's birthday falls before padded practices begin for the age division unless board approved.

  20. No child shall be allowed to play down into a division for any reason except if their weight as measured by two league officials is confirmed as qualifying.

  21. All fees must be paid at the time of sign-up or the child will not be placed on a team. There are no exceptions.

  22. All children must provide a copy of a birth certificate and current physical before participating in league practice.

  23. Any Junior or Senior division child eligible to be drafted who does not take part in the pre-draft evaluations and give full effort will be placed on a team by blind draw. 

  24. Practices are not to exceed 3 practices a week or 6 hours of practice time a week.

  25. No team may solicit a team sponsor to displace the league assigned sponsor and MCYFL will not accept individual team donations, only league donations or sponsorships. (If a person or business chooses to donate to a team they may, but they will not be a sponsor).  Our sponsors make this league possible. Teams are encouraged to print their league assigned sponsors on any team spirit wear. Any coach who permits team spirit wear to be printed with any but the leagues assigned sponsor shall be subject to immediate removal.

  26. No MCYFL coach or board member shall be permitted to participate on the board or in coaching or as a team official for any other Madison County based youth football organization (this does not include school teams).

  27. Due to conflict of interest concerns, any MCYFL board member whose child will participate in any other Madison County based youth football organization (not including school teams) shall resign from the MCYFL board.

  28. All officials of MCYFL games must provide proof of KHSAA certification.

  29. No MCYFL activities of any kind shall take place outdoors if the heat index exceeds 100 degrees or if all school activities are cancelled due to heat.